The Ultimate Food App Project

A Special Message to Restaurant Owners and Managers

We wanted to tell you about how we’ve designed The Ultimate Food App to help promote restaurants like yours.

Each and every restaurant in the world gets a simple, free listing.  All you have to do is register.

But if you really want to create a decent presence, you can upgrade.  In return, you get a custom page and can post unlimited dishes.  But remember, the dishes only show on the front page if they are popular!

And we also offer a premier package…basically a full-featured website.  Future features include various tools for helping you interact with your customers and potential customers online.

With either the basic or the premier package, you can showcase your best dishes in the app, creating an online menu that everyone can view anywhere, without the hassle of managing a business website.  And any restaurant can use our arbitration service if someone makes an unfair posting or review.  (Fees may apply for the arbitration service.)  We feel that this is important, as many of our competitors have what we view as unwarranted comments for many of their restaurant listings.  Also be assured that users of the app can also report any content that they find is objectionable.  So in the end, everyone gets a fair and accurate rating of the food!

You should know that the price for a listing is incredibly affordable.  Let’s just say you’re probably spending more on coffee each month.  Unless of course you’re drinking your own.

During the initial release of the app, we will be giving all restaurants a free trial of the paid service.

As part of our project, we are also offering special discounts and concessions to restaurants that back our app.  Which basically means, that if you help us reach our funding goal, we give you free subscriptions!

Since we’re still in the funding and development stage, many of our features and pricing are still formative.  Restaurants that back our Kickstarter project will have exclusive and priority access to us and a high level of participation in the development of the app and the restaurant program.  So you help us with our funding and you get to tell us what to do.

And when the app launches, every restaurant owner and manager in the world can email us with questions.  It’s just the ones that backed us will have had the chance to give us their feedback first and have a true say in the design and features of the app!

Clearly, our app and dining out in general would not be possible without all the wonderful restaurants of the world.  You are a vital part of our Social Menu concept and we look forward to working with you to truly revolutionize the way people find food worldwide.

Best of Luck,

Rene Campos and Rodney Aspiras

Banshee Cloud, LLC

Co-Creators of the Ultimate Food App

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