The Ultimate Food App Project

The Ultimate Food App is Many Things To Many People

It is very important to understand the true power of the Social Menu.  By nature, The Ultimate Food App is built upon a foundation of collaboration and synergistic momentum.

And so different people will use it from different perspectives!

For Foodies

  • Help the good people of the world find the food they really want and not get a geography lesson or a bunch of outdated listings when they search.

For Restaurants

  • Give restaurant owners (especially the mom and pops) a powerful, new way to promote their best dishes and thus grow their businesses and their contribution to the economy.

For Travelers

  • Assist travelers and people new to an area in cutting through the confusion and finding the truly good places to eat.

For Social Network Users

  • Give people who like to post what they’re eating online a solid community and culture that transcends any single social network.

For Wage Earners

  • Stop indecision among all the groups of friends, co-workers, and business associates who spend too much of their lunch breaks figuring out where to eat.

For Smartphone Users

  • Create an app and online database that makes it fast, easy, and outright tantalizing to look for food.

For Food Banks and Charitable Organizations

  • Match food banks and other charitable outlets with restaurants and consumers with surplus food.

For Dietary Consumers

  • Allow consumers with dietary restrictions to locate dishes that meet their requirements.

We plan to elaborate on each of these items over the next few days.

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