The Ultimate Food App Project

Perks: $10 Salsa & Chips Level

Most crowdfunding campaigns will allow you to contribute any amount from $1 to $10,000.  As of course do we.  As you donate more money, you become eligible to more perks.

The $10 and up level (to keep with our food theme, we call it the Salsa & Chips Level) comes with these perks:

You can vote on the name of the app!

Rene thinks it should be called Meal-O-Cator and Rodney thinks it should be foodlync.  You can choose.  Or even tell them to keep calling it The Ultimate Food App.

Participation in the beta test of the app!

Beta testing involves testing new software with a group of users from outside of the company.  A closed beta is by invitation only.  Even before this, we will solicit feedback from our contributors on the design of the app.  So you basically get involved in designing software!

Be in the first group to get the app!

Before the final version of the app is released, contributors will be allowed to download it first.

A Personal Thank You from Rene and Rodney!

Contributors will get a personal thank you note from our co-founders.

A Picture on the Foodie Wall at the Salsa & Chips Level!

The Foodie Wall is an online tribute to our contributors.  We’ll put up their photo on the Wall.  Restaurants can also submit their photos, so it’s a good promotional activity!

Our campaign page is at:

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