The Ultimate Food App Project

Stretch Goal #1: Android Version

It is our strategy to increase the likelihood of successful funding of this project by setting an initial goal to develop only for the iOS platform.  It was a decision based upon the popularity of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

However, we realize that a lot of you use Android devices (as do many of us).  Plus Banshee Cloud believes that everyone should have a choice as to which devices they want to use and not be forced into any system by software developers.

So while this is technically a stretch goal, we truly believe that The Ultimate Food App will not be complete until it is available in an Android version.  And as Android users, we are genuinely upset when the Android version of an app doesn’t work as well as the iOS version.  So we want to assure you that when we develop ANYTHING cross platform, it will look and work and be just as fun to use as any other version.

If our funding reaches the $50,000 level, we will immediately begin development of an Android version of The Ultimate Food App.

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