The Ultimate Food App Project

Foodie Swag

(logo imprint simulated)

Yes, we are giving out some really cool Foodie Swag to our contributors.  But we want to emphasize that it’s more than branded merchandise.  Anything with the app logo on it is specifically designed to  be useful to Foodies and anyone else who goes out to eat. But more importantly, the Foodie Swag is meant to serve as campaign material for the Movement.  We’ve given some serious thought to what we’re giving out.

For instance, look at the Ultimate Food App Sticky Notes.  Everyone jots down notes and leaves them stuck in a prominent spot.  It helps them remember important stuff.  But at the same time, you can also give the people that wander into your cubicle a hint about how they can join our Movement and add the food they love for everyone to find.

And the hand sanitizer.  If you go out to eat, there’s no need to leave your hard won seat to practice good personal hygiene.  That girl dining alone at the table next to yours will see your bottle and ask about the app.  She’ll probably even ask to borrow your phone so she can post her Panini Special on Facebook.  The app truly does bring people together!

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