The Ultimate Food App Project

The Ultimate Food App Story

We developed the concept of the “Ultimate Food App Project” while traveling with our families and for work. We found it difficult to discover great food because the web is designed towards locating restaurants, not awesome dishes.

It’s difficult to find exactly what to eat without having to sift through a large mindless list of different restaurants online. Wouldn’t it make more sense to find and see the actual dishes that you want? Wouldn’t it be great if the food selections nearby simply appeared on your smartphone, with little or no searching at all.

The Ultimate Food App focuses on the actual food, which makes finding your next great meal easy.


We aim to create the largest and most useful, socially driven menu in the world, served through your smartphone. A large “potluck” where Users and Restaurants can contribute dish postings to a menu of great food that’s nearby. The Ultimate Food App will forever change the way you find the best food around.

We believe that EVERYONE should have the ability to find whatever food they want, wherever they are. We also want to connect restaurants and food vendors with you, by providing a platform to showcase their best dishes. The Ultimate Food App is designed to do all of these things and more.

We have worked hard on developing the concept, and built a working prototype. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT for the next critical step in the creation of this amazing app.

It’s more than an app. It’s Revolutionary! It’s a Movement. It’s a Food Culture!


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