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True Story: A Bad Posting That Inspired Us

One day, Rene opened a food app. And was horrified at what he saw!

This photo is an actual screen shot of what a competing app pulled up in Rene’s neighborhood.  For a long time, this photo was actually one of their TOP PHOTOS for the area!  Only in the last few months did other people post more food shots, bumping this one further down on the photo stream.  But as of this writing, THE PHOTO IS STILL THERE.

Which tells us two things:  1) The posts from this app are very infrequent and out of date and 2) No one is reviewing the postings for accuracy or fairness.

We don’t know if the owner of this restaurant knows about this.  But if they did, you can bet that they are not at all pleased by this! (We plan to contact them as our restaurant campaign starts.  In the meantime, you can open this app yourself and verify this!)

The very existence of this photo was part of the reason why we were motivated to build a better app.  And because of this, we realized that we needed to come up with something that not only people could easily use to upload photos, but also report inaccurate and degrading photos like this.  Plus we also felt it important to give restaurants the ability to respond to this sort of nonsense.  What’s more, they can also ask us to arbitrate on their behalf to verify the accuracy of negative postings.

Please help us develop the Ultimate Food App.  We need to put an end to grotesque listings like this!!!

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