The Ultimate Food App Project

Which Restaurants Can Benefit From The Ultimate Food App?

As The Ultimate Food App grows to become the largest network of people in your neighborhood looking for food, restaurants worldwide will be able to directly showcase their dishes.

But will this help your restaurant?  We have specific promotional programs and tools in development that are designed to help any commercial seller of food.

Large chains and corporate operations will have a Corporate Program with volume discounts and standardization of menu items, restaurant information, and branding.

Independent operations will benefit from the affordability and high visibility on our network.

Even licensed street vendors will have a special program to instantly update your location and specials.  Sure you can do that now on Twitter or Facebook…but are these targeted to people specifically looking for food?  And can you post your whole menu?

We even have programs in the works for special events, like fairs, trade shows, and other events with multiple food vendors!

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