The Ultimate Food App Project

Menu Mayhem

It was the night before our TV appearance on Good Day Sacramento.

We were working hard on our project and it was time for dinner.  Unlike in our videos, we quickly agreed that we wanted Thai food.  There was a Thai restaurant nearby that Rodney and his family frequented.  But we didn’t have the take out menu handy.

And our app is still in prototype stage.  Which means we don’t have a full menu database.

Most of us wanted to see the menu before calling in the order.   After all, this is the 21st century and we have the internet and we have our smartphones.  Plus it’s noisy at that place, so we often have a problem hearing the owners over the phone.

So like anyone else, we searched online.  The restaurant didn’t have a website.

We checked the most popular of the existing food apps.  It didn’t have a menu.

We tried a online phone directory.  No menus.

We tried another app.  No menus.  Not even any pictures of food.

We tried another website.  No luck.

Finally we went to one last app.  Someone had taken pictures of the menu.  It was a little blurry, but it appeared to be somewhat legible.  But it was really small on an iPhone screen. So we opened it on the widescreen TV.  Not in perfect focus, but we could make it out.  Finally we could read the menu!

Do you have to go through this?  Imagine if we didn’t even know the restaurant nor the people who ran it nor their food?

We are developing the Ultimate Food App because this scene has played out for us time and time again!  We know it has happened to many of you!

What food finding horror stories do you have to tell?

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