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Disaster Recovery for Our Services

With the recent catastrophic events of Hurricane Sandy and subsequent high-profile failures of several data centers, we have had some questions about the disaster recovery plans in place for our various services.

We want to assure our clients that every system that we distribute, resell, or develop has a robust backup and disaster recovery plan.  All systems have at the minimum a four times daily data backup, with the ability to recover in at least one additional, geographically separated data center within a maximum of 6 hours.  Some systems, like our email services have constant backup and service can be resumed within 60 minutes at a remote failover data center.  Our document storage and management systems can be restored from multiple data centers worldwide.

As for the infrastructure planned for The Ultimate Food App, all databases and applications can also be recovered from at least one additional data center under similar time frames.

We make it a point to host data and subscribe only to providers which can provide the highest level of service, scalability, and disaster recovery.

It is our hope that this information is helpful to our business services customers, as well as to future clients and users of our apps, including The Ultimate Food App.

NASA image of Hurricane Sandy

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