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Happy Halloween!

Well, it’s that spooky time of year again, when entire neighborhoods are taken over by ghosts and ghouls in all manner of creative garb.   And adults dress up for parties like they’re in some kind of alternate reality that’s a cross between the Phantom of the Opera and the Justice League.  So since our mascot is always in costume, you know this is our kind of holiday!

Unfortunately for many this year, Hurricane Sandy has put a damper on the celebration.  We have word that many communities and even the entire state of New Jersey have postponed or cancelled Halloween celebrations. We hate to say this, but it does makes sense, assuming parents do not want their children trick or treating amongst downed power lines and other hazards left by the historic superstorm.

So in the spirit of American perseverance and the undaunted need to have a good time, we’ll honor Halloween by doing what we were going to do anyway:  Share photos of yummy treats!  Whether your Halloween is tonight or November 5 or whenever, feel free to post your goodies to our Facebook page, tweet them to us, submit to our Tumblr, pin on Pinterest, or just email them to !!!

Happy Halloween!

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