The Ultimate Food App Project

Dining Out and Social Media

Next time you go out to eat with friends or family, take note of how you use social media…

Do you post or tweet while waiting for your table?

When you get your food, do you take pictures of it and upload for people to see?

Have you ever asked the server to take a picture of everyone in your group?

We’ve noticed that these behaviors are becoming more and more common among people with mobile devices that access the internet.  It doesn’t matter if you have the latest iPhone or a flip phone with a browser.  Social media and eating out are closely intertwined as part of the modern lifestyle.

Of course, many food-related apps and websites allow you to upload food.  But the ability to integrate the posting of photos with social posts is not yet fully realized.  And that’s where we come along.  The UltimateFoodApp certainly works with users adding photos of their food to what we call the Social Menu.  But as the name implies, it’s more than a database of dishes available to order.  Our users will be able to also post photos of people:  their friends, their families, themselves.  Yes, even the servers and the restaurant.  And we’ve been inspired by some of the most popular photo sharing apps in that the ours is designed to post all these pictures simultaneously to multiple social media.  In other words, you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and various other social and photo-sharing sites with a single tap!

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