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Dish and Restaurant Postings

We promised we’d go over how you find out more about the dishes and the restaurants that you will find using The Ultimate Food App.  Make sure you scroll past the pictures to see how this is different from what other apps do!

The Ultimate Food App will open to the Social Menu…a listing of food nearby.  When you click on a dish, you can see details about it…

And when you click on the restaurant, you can find out more about it…

What is unique about what you’re seeing is that this information is just posted by users.  Nor is it just submitted by the restaurants.  And it certainly isn’t just coming from online directories.

In fact, it comes from all three sources.  We call this concept 1-2-3 and it guarantees the most comprehensive and accurate coverage of the food and the places serving the food!

And so our story will continue…

But in the meantime, you can learn more about the Social Menu and 1-2-3 in this YouTube video:

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