The Ultimate Food App Project

A Matter of Choice

Many apps start with an Apple iPhone version.  And so does ours, simply from the standpoint that Apple’s iOS is very popular.  Of course, we plan to develop a version that takes advantage of the iPad’s beautiful display.

Android phone and tablet users should know that we also use Google’s open source operating system and have always planned to develop an Android version of the app.  And we are pleased to see that the Android ecosystem now gives you as many choices in apps as Apple’s.  And we promise you this:  the Android version of The Ultimate Food App will look and function just like the iOS version.

We want Windows Phone users to know that we fully support your exercising your right to choose.  We strongly believe that people should be able to pick what hardware they want and our duty as software developers is to make software for you.  So we will be making a Windows Phone version…that also works just like the Apple apps.

Finally, there are lots of phones and devices that people use to surf the web.  And there are lots of people (including ourselves) that will want to find their next great meal on a computer.  So we will also be releasing a web version of The Ultimate Food App.  And it will also function exactly like the smartphone app!

You have a right to choose.  We fully support that right by developing software for what you choose to use!

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