The Ultimate Food App Project

Works World Wide

The biggest challenge for any app that locates food is relevance at any given location.  Large cities usually have fair to good coverage, but even medium-sized metropolitan areas often have spotty coverage.  So if we wanted The Ultimate Food App to work as we travel, we needed to address this issue.

This is where the Social Menu comes in.  From the very second the app goes online, you will see the location of all the restaurants around you.   We use the most comprehensive directory of online businesses to instantly tie into our database restaurants worldwide.

The restaurants themselves can post their showcase dishes and even their entire menus.  Every restaurant gets a free listing and those that upgrade can essentially use the app to create a powerful online presence.

Of course, the app gains its full functionality from people posting their food that they like to the app.  We have integrated complete public sharing and private social network posting into the app design, allowing you a quick and easy way to share.

And to facilitate worldwide use of the app by both restaurants and users, we will be launching a series of promotional events.  It’s all going to be very exciting!

For more information, please visit our Social Menu page!

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