The Ultimate Food App Project

Keeping It Fresh

Grilled Fish Entree in BarcelonaOne of the biggest issues we see with existing food apps is the problem with posts that are no longer relevant.  While they don’t show daily specials in the way that we do, there are still dishes that are out of date and lots of off topic posts.

Also, while our Restaurant Program is designed to help restaurants promote their business, the realities of our current economy have seen many wonderful eateries close.  We see this every day as we drive around town.  And unfortunately, like the vacant buildings you see in the real world, you see a lot of restaurant listings on existing apps for closed businesses.

So how does The Ultimate Food App deal with the problem of stale (pun intended) listings?  The first and foremost line of defense is our Social Menu.  Like other apps, users can report food or places that are out of date.  But since we are also restaurant-driven, the restaurateurs can also keep their specials updated.  And finally, we tap into online directories for updated business locations.

The other day, we talked about how not only restaurants, but also food trucks and vendors can post their specials and locations.  They can add the hours that specials are in effect and the listing will appear on the Social Menu only during the set times.  A food truck can indicate its planned locations and when it will be there.  The Social Menu keeps this up to date.

Of course, much of this depends upon the people using the app plus the restaurants, food trucks, and vendors providing updated information.  And we’ve seen that the reality with our competition is that this does not always happen.

So we have a final line of defense.  Our database will use analytic tools being developed by our parent company, Banshee Cloud LLC.  It will flag suspected stale postings for review.

If you’re dealing with food, fresh is essential and stale closes doors.  We’re taking steps to make sure that The Ultimate Food App provides our users with the most useful experience possible.

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