The Ultimate Food App Project


We order our food by looking at menus.  So why do most food apps and food websites not have any menus?  Or worse yet, why are the only menus blurry photos that a user took and posted?  Sure they mean well and we’ve even done it ourselves…but that’s our point!  Why does the app or website leave no option for the restaurant to post its own menu?

While we’re talking about improving things, let’s not just limit our discussion to what’s online.  In the real world, it costs time and money for a restaurant to change its menu.  Sure you can have a Daily Specials or similar card.  And the big chains do a great job of creating beautiful menus for their latest promotions and seasonal offerings (like movie tie-ins and strawberry harvests).  But what about the small restaurants?  Do they have to constantly use correction fluid and pen in new prices on every menu?  Shouldn’t they have tools make their menus updated and look professional?

The Ultimate Food App has the solution.  We call it our Social Menu.  Because people can post the food they’re eating.  Sure every other food app does or should do that.  But we go a step further and let restaurants post dishes.  Even their entire menus.  And unlike other apps, we have systems in place to make sure that out of date or inaccurate posts are corrected.  Even unfair reviews can be evaluated.  By the people, by the restaurants, and by us.

Android Menu 2

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