The Ultimate Food App Project

Welcome to Our New Home!

We’ve loved the time we’ve spent at our old site at, but as a division of a web development firm, we thought it was time to move The Ultimate Food App project to our own home.  This will give us the flexibility to do a lot more with this site as our quest to make the best app to find “Your Next Best Meal” into a reality.

For example, just as with any other Banshee Cloud client, our site can be easily switched to different servers to handle increased traffic and bypass various internet issues.

Oh yeah…and we also did some redecorating…giving the site a new look!

If you’re already subscribing to our blog, your membership will be automatically moved to the new site and you will continue to get our updates there!


P.S.  Stand by for some exciting updates as we work to build our development team!

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