The Ultimate Food App Project

A Great App for Parents of Picky Eaters!

A Great App for Parents of Picky Eaters!

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a new restaurant with small kids to discover that there is nothing on the menu the kids really want to eat. You are left with ordering the usual chicken strips and fries or other “fast food type dishes”. Most of the time those dishes would have costed you less at another place. The next option (personal favorite) is to ask the waiter to reconstruct a dish to something unrecognizable by eliminating all the pieces that you know your child does not like. You always end up feeling like the “difficult customer” with a laundry list of requests for just one dish. Generally, the reply from the wait staff is a polite, “I think we can do that?”.

Finding new and adventurous restaurants is difficult when you are out with the kids. This makes going to new ethnic and cultural restaurants not an option in most cases. Unfortunately, you end up sticking to “what works”.

I thought, if I just knew about the restaurants nearby and the dishes they serve, I would probably give a few of them a try. If my kids could see the dishes and select an item before we actually commit to a restaurant, it would be less frustrating and everyone would have a great meal. As a parent of small kids I know all about this. I can probably share some crazy stories too.

I don’t always want to feed my kids fast food. Thus, as a parent of picky eaters, its just not enough to know that a restaurant is nearby. You have to know more. You have to know whats being served. My kids and I have to see it.

When we designed the concept of the “Ultimate Food App” we realized that it would not only help adults find great dishes, but also our young picky foodies as well. This is another reason we need this app!

Since the app is image based, kids will love it. They can swipe through the social menu and pick what they want to have from what is around. No more guessing games, and less work. The great thing is that they become familiar with the responsibility of helping make an everyday decision like, “What do you want to have for lunch today? This can turn your picky eater to a more adventurous foodie.

Lets make this app happen together. Please visit our Indiegogo page and contribute to our campaign. Every bit counts! 🙂